WoundSource 2022

Our 2022 Edition of WoundSource is now available.

WoundSource is an annual reference that provides wound care professionals and other involved health care professionals with clinically reviewed product information to help them research, compare and source wound care products for their patients and facilities.

Clinically-reviewed, fully cross-referenced and organized for easy access to product and manufacturer information, make WoundSource a part of your facility’s purchasing resources today.

A Trusted Resource for Wound Care Professionals Around the World

I have often contacted the company directly using the information provided in the sourcebook–namely for those new products or smaller companies that you might not know about otherwise..


Vendors and MD office staff like the HCPCS codes I can give them. Really makes me look good! …Once in a patient’s home, the normal saline bottle tipped over, falling off the table and went all over my bag of supplies. My first thought was to get my WoundSource copy and papers out of the bag. We had to dry it in the microwave.


The WoundSource had proven to be valuable for locating hard to find products and as a reference when we’re not sure which dressing we want to use.  In those cases, by perusing the book we are often able to identify an appropriate dressing once we see it on the page, whereas we may not have been able to come up with it without such a reference. I hope the WoundSource will continue to be available for a long time to come.


The World’s Definitive Source for Wound Care & Product Information

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